Boost your digital products sales through Affiliates.

The easy and low cost way to market and boost your sales is through affiliate marketing.

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Boost your sales through Affiliate Marketing.

Are you are a digital product creator? With Affiliativity, you can boost your sales by leveraging on affiliate marketing.

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Register and Join Affiliativity Network as a Vendor with full description about you showing as an expert and a creator.

Publish your Product

Upload and submit your product details and set commissions(%) for affiliates within from 10% to 80%, you will be notify if your submission is approved or not.

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More Sales through Affiliate Marketing!

Relax and let the affiliates do the marketing for you.

Marketing your product shouldn't end after running ads niether with you, but by leveraging network of affiliates, there is high assurance for your sales to increase continously.


Set within 10%-80% commissions for affiliate on any purchase on your product.

Customers Data

You have access to your customers' information for follow up and communication.

Report & Notifications

Get notify anytime there is a purchase on your products and also have access to well-detailed report of your product sales.

Fast Payouts

Your earning will be sent to your bank account after you request for payouts within 48Hours (Business Days Only!).


Simple & transparent pricing plan.

We on only make money when you do.

10% + ₦100on every transactions (excluding Gateway charges)


Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any question, check the FAQS below to see if it gives answers to your questions.

Once purchase has been made, detail will be sent to their provided email automatically with link to where they can download or join your training.

Yes, you have access the information of anyone that buys your product for follow up from your end.

Your earnings will be sent the bank account attached your profile.

Within 48hrs after you request for payouts (Business Days Only).

Within 10% - 80% commissions. Note that affiliates are likely to promote the product that benefit them most in term of price of the product and the commissions attached to it.

The minimum price is N4,500.

Yes, there. We offer 7 Days Money Back Guarantee to any customer that makes purchase. Once Someone that buys your product requests for money back. It will be deducted from your earning.

Feel free to contact us via whatsapp or our mail. Thanks

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